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Dec 4th 2012, 06:03

Two best friends decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships.
Friends with Kids is an independent American ensemble comedy that is written, produced, directed by and also starring Jennifer Westfeldt. Her partner Jon Hamm also stars in the movie, along with Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, Chris O'Dowd, Edward Burns and Megan Fox.
Plot of Friends with Kids (2011)
Friends with Kids revolves around Jason (an advertising executive) and Julie (a charitable investment advisor), a pair of longtime best friends in their 30s who live in the same building in Manhattan. While not involved romantically, Jason and Julie are close friends with two childless married couples, the placid Alex and Leslie and the sex-obsessed Ben and Missy. During the next four years, after both couples have children, their marriages suffer. Following a chaotic birthday party for Jason at Alex and Leslie's place in Brooklyn, Jason and Julie discuss how it would be better to have children first and only then meet the person that you wanted to marry. After more discussion, they decide to have a child together, despite never even having a romantic relationship, and then to date other people. Although their friends predicted disaster, Jason and Julie adjust to their new relationship with baby Joe far better than their friends had.
However, their stable relationship begins to slip when Jason first begins dating Mary Jane, a Broadway dancer, and Julie then begins dating Kurt, a divorced construction contractor with children of his own. Mary Jane does not want children, and Kurt says that he doesn't want Julie to meet his children until they become serious. The two couples take Joe on a skiing vacation to Vermont with Alex and Leslie, Ben and Missy, and their kids. Upon arrival, the tension between Ben and Missy is obvious, and everything comes to a head during dinner when an intoxicated Ben begins attacking Jason and Julie's unusual relationship. Jason responds with a passionate and articulate defense of his and Julie's situation and his complete trust in her, which prompts Ben to storm off and catches Julie by surprise.
After Vermont, Ben and Missy separate and divorce. Shortly thereafter, at Julie's birthday (about 18 months after Joe's birth), Jason is surprised to learn that she invited only him to her birthday dinner. Julie tells him that Kurt wants her to meet his children that weekend . . . but that she has realized that she is in love with Jason, who, along with Joe, constitutes her family. A stunned Jason tells Julie that he has never had romantic feelings for her and has asked Mary Jane to move in with him, and that she's agreed. Heartbroken, Julie moves out of her Manhattan apartment to Brooklyn, to put some space between herself and Jason. A few months thereafter, Jason and Mary Jane break up over their differing feelings about children, and both Julie and Jason return to dating. Several months later, at a bar with Ben, Jason confides that he does have feelings for Julie, but that their messy split makes acting on such feelings impossible. Ben disagrees, noting the differences between his and Missy's sex-based relationship and Jason and Julie's long-lasting friendship.
Shortly before Julie's next birthday, while dropping a 2-1/2-year-old Joe off at Julie's house, Jason presents her with an early birthday present: a photo book of the three of them, consistent with Julie's prior statement that Jason and Joe were her family. Jason tells Julie that he's been in love with her for years, although he never realized it until now. Jason's sudden shift makes Julie emotional and uncomfortable, but eventually they end up in bed together for the first time (other than Joe's conception).
Cast of Friends with Kids (2011)
  •     Adam Scott as Jason
  •     Jennifer Westfeldt as Julie
  •     Kristen Wiig as Missy
  •     Jon Hamm as Ben
  •     Maya Rudolph as Leslie
  •     Chris O'Dowd as Alex
  •     Edward Burns as Kurt
  •     Megan Fox as Mary Jane
  •     Lee Bryant as Elaine Keller, Julie's mother
  •     Kelly Bishop as Mary Fryman, Jason's mother
  •     Cotter Smith as Phil Fryman, Jason's father
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