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Spyware Techie

Antivirus Soft Removal Guide

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 07:31 AM PST

Do you know what is Antivirus Soft? Antivirus Soft is a rogue anti-spyware program. Having been designed by the same makers as the infamous rogue program: Antivirus Live, Antivirus Soft makes use of...

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Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com


Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com

Phishing Attacks Account for More Than One in Two Viruses

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 05:35 AM PST

More than half (55.59 per cent) of all malware sent on email is an attempted phishing attack, according to analysis of malware in January 2010 by managed security firm, Network Box. Phishing attacks soared before Christmas (to 57 per cent of malware), as criminals attempted to exploit the number of people shopping online, but the [...]

Spyware Techie


Spyware Techie

MyPcSecure Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 11:47 AM PST

Do you know what is MyPcSecure? MyPcSecure as it is otherwise called, is the latest in rogue anti-spyware applications. Hailing from the same rogue families' as these fake security tools, namely:...

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Win 7 Internet Security 2010 Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 02:02 AM PST

Do you know what is Win 7 Internet Security 2010? Win 7 Internet Security 2010 is a new rogue antispyware application which is waiting to infect your computer system. You need to know that Win 7...

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XP Internet Security Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 01:58 AM PST

Do you know what is XP Internet Security? XP Internet Security is a deceptive rogue antispyware application that will cause you huge amounts of trouble. You need to know that XP Internet Security...

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Antivir 2010 Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 01:52 AM PST

Do you know what Antivir 2010? Antivir 2010 is classified as a counterfeit security application, representing a legitimate security suite, but is comepletly fake. This malicious software tends to be...

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How to hide ip: Search Engine Startpage.com Offers Anonymous Web Browsing


How to hide ip: Search Engine Startpage.com Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

Search Engine Startpage.com Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 04:00 AM PST

Startpage, the world's most private search engine, and its E.U. brand, Ixquick, announced yesterday the release of a  proxy service that allows users to surf the web with complete privacy.

The proxy offers complete anonymity, since the user never makes direct contact with the third-party website. The user's IP address is invisible to the viewed website. In addition, the website cannot see or place cookies on the user's browser.

"People are more concerned about online data retention policies than ever before," said CEO Robert Beens. "We wanted to offer them a useful tool and this proxy is a logical extension of our services. A search engine is a starting point for people to visit other pages. Now our users can take the privacy they get with Startpage to the next step, and go privately to the sites they have found as well. This proxy completes the total search privacy picture."

The Startpage's US spokeswoman, privacy expert Dr. Katherine Albrecht, explains the new feature:

How Startpage Proxy Works

First you have to the Startpage home page and perform a search:

Then, on the results page you will be able to see for every result a Proxy link:

By clicking on the proxy list, the page will open via a proxy. So, the visited website will not see your IP address but the address of the Startpage proxy.

What do you think of Startpage’s proxy? Will you use it to hide your IP address?


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Search Engine Startpage.com Offers Anonymous Web Browsing

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How to hide ip: Surf the Web Wearing an Invisibility Cloak with These 4 Portable Anonymous Browsers


How to hide ip: Surf the Web Wearing an Invisibility Cloak with These 4 Portable Anonymous Browsers

Surf the Web Wearing an Invisibility Cloak with These 4 Portable Anonymous Browsers

Posted: 28 Jan 2010 04:06 AM PST

The web is anonymous. That's the greatest myth going around for those not in the know. A newbie equates anonymity with invisibleness. Our email ID or username may cover up for our real identity, we can give fake ages and even genders, or hide behind a dopey eyed avatar but in the end, that's mere window dressing.

Every time we log onto the web we leave behind a digital fingerprint – our IP address. IP addresses can be traced back to a physical location and to the specific computer. And if somebody knows where your computer is, invasion of your privacy takes a little while to follow.

Identity thefts, invasion by spywares, attacks by cyber-criminals are just some of the real dangers. Using simple IP tracing tools (sniffers) someone can exploit vulnerabilities and hack into your computer. Very commonly, IP addresses are tracked and logged along with your surfing activities to deliver targeted ads to your browser or even spam mail to your inbox. In an extreme case scenario, your passwords are hacked through.

All the above dangers have a solution through anonymous surfing. But hey, didn't I say that it's a myth? Well, it is usually, but a few tools do make it possible. The core for most of anonymous browsing is the Tor network. Also called Onion routing, the technology uses a series of encrypted network relays around the world to protect your traffic from prying eyes. Hence, the likeness with an onion.

Portable Anonymous Browsers

Portable browsers lend the anytime-anywhere advantage. Carry it around on your USB Drive and browsing remains traceless.  Here are four browsers for anonymous browsing.

Note: You can test the browsers by going to a site like WhatIsMyIP and taking a look at the alien IP addresses it returns.


Combine Opera, the distributed network routes courtesy the Tor Network and a web proxy called Polipo to get the portable OperaTOR. The portable browser provides total anonymity from IP tracking as the proxy network conceals your true computer address. Also, all history and cookies get wiped out as soon as the browser closes. But again anonymity comes at the cost of speed, so be prepared for some slow speeds as the traffic gets routed through the Tor network.

According to the website, the only protocols which OperaTor supports are HTTP and HTTPS, so if you want to stay anonymous you should avoid using other Opera features (e.g. Java, JavaScript, BitTorrent, integrated e-mail and IRC clients).

OperaTor (ver. 3.5) is a freeware portable browser and comes in a 10MB sized zipped package. Unzip and run it from your USB drive. Also go through the welcome information the first time the browser loads.

OperaTor is a 10MB download and runs on Windows (all versions).

xB Browser

The XeroBank browser was previously known as TorPark. It runs using the Firefox engine. The free version uses the public Tor network to provide anonymity. Users can add XeroBank's own anonymous proxy servers for additional protection but at a cost. The xB Browser is touted to be the world's most popular anonymous browser.

The free and open source XeroBank installer is a 10MB download and contains the xB Browser, xB VPN (Virtual Private Network) and xB Mail (anonymous mail). xB Browser is portable and can be carried around in an USB drive.

Just like OperaTor, xB Browser does not leave any trace of your browsing activities. xB Browser is at its heart, a Firefox browser with a few extra security add-ons. You can switch your user agent, set AdBlocks, quickly switch to another language and flush the Tor circuit with a button click. The flush Tor circuit button puts you on a new set of Tor servers.

Browsing on the Tor network is slower than in an open network. The one gap I could see was that despite being a Firefox browser at the core does not provide an easy way to import bookmarks from your default Firefox browser.

. xB Browser is a 102MB download and runs on Windows (all versions). 


TorFox is a very simple implementation of Tor and Mozilla Firefox. So, you have in your hands a simple secure portable open source browser. You can download the browser as an EXE or a Zip file and carry it around in your USB Flash drive. The browser comes without any frills and it's in my opinion the most simplest of all the Tor browser apps.

Torfox (ver.3.0.11) is a 12MB download and runs on Windows (all versions).

Tor Browser Bundle

The Tor Browser Bundle is a built around the Tor software tool, a Tor frontend from Vidalia, the Polipo web proxy and a configured version of portable Firefox. It allows the user to use Tor without the need to install anything. It has all the pros and cons of the Tor Network and functionally is very similar to OperaTor.

Tor Browser Bundle is a 16MB download and runs on Windows (all versions).

The four tools above are very similar in that they are combos of the Tor public network and a portable browser. It's only on the web that you have to pay to be anonymous. With these free portable anonymous browsers, anonymity could be finally yours without a cost.

Post from: How to hide ip

Surf the Web Wearing an Invisibility Cloak with These 4 Portable Anonymous Browsers

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Indexing and Sorting with VBA

Posted: 28 Jan 2010 05:47 AM PST

A Table is normally created with a Primary Key or Index to arrange the records into certain order to view or process. Primary Key or Index can have one or more fields, in order to make the Key Values Unique, if this is not possible with a single field.

If you open the Employees Table from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Samples\Northwind.mdb sample Database in design view you can see that the EmployeeID Field is defined as Primary Key.

To create an Index manually and to define it as Primary Key:

  1. Open the Table in design View.

  2. Click at the left side of the Field Name to select it.

  3. Click on the Indexes Toolbar Button.

  4. You may give any suitable name in the Index Name Field replacing PrimaryKey, if you would like to do so.

If the Record Values in the selected field are not unique then you can select more data fields (up to a maximum of ten Fields) to form Unique Key for the Primary Key.

You may click and drag over the Fields to select them (if they are adjoining fields) or click on each field by holding the Ctrl Key to select fields randomly.

The above procedure is for creating a PrimaryKey Index for the Table. We can create more than one Index for a Table. But, only one Index can be active at one time.

We can activate an existing Index of a Table or create new Index through VBA and use it for data processing. We will learn here how to create a new Index with the name myIndex for a Table through VBA, activate it and use it for data processing and delete it at the end of the process.

We must validate the presence of myIndex in the Indexes collection of the Table, if found then activate it, otherwise create myIndex and activate it for data processing.

We will use Orders and Order details Table from Northwind.mdb sample database. We will organize the Order Details Table in Order Number sequence so that Order-wise Total Value of all items can be calculated and updated on the same Order record in Orders Table.

Following are the data processing steps which we follow in the VBA Routine to update the Orders Table with order-wise Total Value from Order details Table:

  1. Open Orders Table for Update Mode.

  2. Open Orders Details Table for Input.

  3. Check for the presence of myIndex in the Order Details Table, if found then activate it, otherwise create myIndex and activate it as current Index.

  4. Initialize Total to Zero.

  5. Read the first record from the Order details Table.

  6. Calculate Total Value of the item using the Expression: Quantity * ((1-Discount%)*UnitPrice).

  7. Add the Value to the Total.

  8. Read the next record and compare with the earlier Order Number, if same then repeat step-6 and 7 until the Order Number changes or no more records to process from Order Details Table.

  9. Find the record with the Order Number in Orders Table.

  10. If found then edit and updateTotal into the TotalValue Field in Orders Table.

  11. Check for End Of File (EOF) condition of Order Details Table.

  12. If False then repeat the Process from Step-4 onwards, otherwise Close files and stop Run.

  1. To try the above method Import Orders and Order Details Tables from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Samples\Northwind.mdb (Access 2003) or C:\Users\User\My documents\Northwind 2007.accdb (Access 2007, if not available then you must create from Local Templates)

  2. Open Orders Table in Design View.

  3. Add a new Field with the name TotalValue with Numeric (Double) data Type in Orders Table.

  4. You may display the Index List of this Table to view its PrimaryKey Index on Order ID field.

  5. Save the Orders Table.

  6. Open the VBA Editing Window (Alt+F11).

  7. Create a new Standard Module from Insert Menu.

  8. Copy and Paste the following VBA Routine and save the Module.

  9. Public Function CreateIndex()
    Dim db As Database, fld As Field, tbldef As TableDef
    Dim idx As Index, rst As Recordset, PreviousOrderID As Long
    Dim CurrentOrderID As Long
    Dim xQuantity As Long, xUnitPrice As Double
    Dim xDiscount As Double, Total As Double, rst2 As Recordset

    On Error Resume Next

    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("Order Details", dbOpenTable)
    'Check for presence of myIndex, if found set as current
    rst.Index = "myIndex"
    If Err = 3800 Then
    'myIndex not found
    GoSub myNewIndex
    End If

    On Error GoTo CreateIndex_Err

    Set rst2 = db.OpenRecordset("Orders", dbOpenTable)
    rst2.Index = "PrimaryKey"
    PreviousOrderID = rst![Order ID]
    CurrentOrderID = PreviousOrderID
    Do Until rst.EOF
    Total = 0
    Do While CurrentOrderID = PreviousOrderID
    xQuantity = rst![quantity]
    xUnitPrice = rst![unit price]
    xDiscount = rst![discount]

    Total = Total + (xQuantity * ((1 - xDiscount) * xUnitPrice))
    PreviousOrderID = CurrentOrderID
    If Not rst.EOF Then
    CurrentOrderID = rst![Order ID]
    Exit Do
    End If
    rst2.Seek "=", PreviousOrderID
    If Not rst2.NoMatch Then
    rst2![totalvalue] = Total
    End If
    PreviousOrderID = CurrentOrderID


    'Delete temporary Index
    Set tbldef = db.TableDefs("Order details")
    tbldef.Indexes.Delete "myIndex"

    Exit Function

    Set tbldef = db.TableDefs("Order Details")
    Set idx = tbldef.CreateIndex("myIndex")

    Set fld = tbldef.CreateField("Order ID", dbLong)
    idx.Fields.Append fld
    Set fld = tbldef.CreateField("Product ID", dbLong)
    idx.Fields.Append fld
    tbldef.Indexes.Append idx
    Set rst = db.OpenRecordset("Order Details", dbOpenTable)
    rst.Index = "myIndex"

    MsgBox Err.Description, , "CreateIndex()"
    Resume CreateIndex_Exit

    End Function

  10. Click somewhere in the middle of the VBA Routine and press F5 or click Run Command Button to execute the Code and update the Orders Table.

At the beginning part of the Code we are attempting to make one of the Indexes (myIndex) of Order Details Table active. Since, myIndex is not yet created on the Table this action runs into an Error condition. we are trapping this Error Code and passes control to the Sub-Routine to create myIndex and to add it to the Indexes collection. The new Index is activated in preparation for data processing.

Next steps calculate Order-wise Total Values and updates on Orders Table.

At the end of the process myIndex is deleted from the Indexes Collection of Order Details Table.

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Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com


Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com

Skybox Security Launches CertiFire Firewall Management Solution

Posted: 27 Jan 2010 07:29 AM PST

Skybox Security, the leader in automated security risk and compliance management, today announced general availability of Skybox CertiFire. For the first time, the enterprise-level features and performance of Skybox solutions are available in a package specifically designed for mid-size enterprises with several hundred employees or more. CertiFire automatically collects and analyses firewall settings and configuration data [...]


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