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Popular-on-Twitter Widget: Topsy-enabled jQuery Plugin

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 06:32 PM PST

Another Topsy-enabled jQuery plugin to list the most popular posts on your website, from your Twitter timeline or for some keyword within a selected period of time.

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How to hide ip: Russia: Livejournal versus Tor and the New Battle for Anonymity


How to hide ip: Russia: Livejournal versus Tor and the New Battle for Anonymity

Russia: Livejournal versus Tor and the New Battle for Anonymity

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 04:00 AM PST

As more and more countries join the list of nations where the governments have started restricting certain websites and content, the cyber world is witnessing a rise in the number of users who have to resort to anonymous methods of surfing the World Wide Web.

One of the first countries in the world where websites were forbidden by the Government was China. Soon Iran and now, Russia joined in these ranks and the authorities have implemented the censure of various websites from the net in Russia. Russian citizens, therefore, have shown, like their Chinese counterparts, an increased attraction towards the more anonymous and secure Virtual Private Networks, in order to keep potent their link to the world in the form of their favourite websites.

Livejournal blocks Tor

However, this access to forbidden content online seems to have its own limitations in Russia. This is with reference to the latest incident where Livejournal, the popular blogging platform in Russia, blocked Tor, an anonymous browsing tool from access to its online bloggers. Livejournal is owned by SUP, a Russian media company. Tor is supposed to be a free Open Network which allows its users to get access to forbidden websites, as a 'defence against the network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy'.

Politics plays an important role here. Tor was a vital tool during the recent wave of protests in Iran in June 2009. It helped Iranian netizens with anonymous access to various prohibited websites.

Another side of the story

There is another side to the story. The problem of spammers was also a primary concern which led to the fight against anonymous web access. As the Tor system was one of the anonymizers, it was blocked along with several other such systems.

When looking at both ends, it is difficult to decide which is the lesser of the two devils: the curbing of personal freedom and freedom of choice of the netizens to decide which websites they can have access to seems like a form of tyranny, but on the other hand are genuine concerns of the government and anti spamming organizations. Of course, criminal activity and cyber crime can breed freely in anonymosity, but secure Virtual Private Networks also offer security and protection of identity.

World reaction to the Tor ban

Netizens all over the world are rising against the ban of systems like Tor. According to them, the banning of web content has left the netizens with no other choice than to resort to anonymosity as a method of self protection. By not going anonymous, they will risk being charged with breaking the rules, and by not surfing their preferred websites, they risk being stripped of their freedom of choice and personal freedom. It is a tough cookie, indeed.

Of course, officials at both end of the line are insisting that there is no place or politics in the ban on Tor. 'Technical Difficulties' is the preferred term used to explain away these instances. This is a battle which seems to have only begun, albeit it does have global connotations.

Post from: How to hide ip

Russia: Livejournal versus Tor and the New Battle for Anonymity

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Spyware Techie


Spyware Techie

GreatDefender Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 08:47 AM PST

Do you know what GreatDefender is? DESCRIPTION GreatDefender is yet another rogue anti-spyware program. GreatDefender makes use of many malicious and deceiving tactics to coerce unsuspecting...

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Antivirus PC 2009 Removal Guide

Posted: 29 Dec 2009 05:00 AM PST

Do you know what Antivirus PC 2009 is? DESCRIPTION Antivirus PC 2009 is a malicious and deceptive rogue antispyware application that is guaranteed to cause you trouble. Antivirus PC 2009 may gain...

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Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com


Latest Security News | SecurityExtra.com

What Is The Best Home Security System?

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 04:59 AM PST

This may be a question you have asked yourself recently. With crime rates on the rise, security may be something that you are starting to think about more often. You should not compromise when it comes to great security and there are many decisions you have to make. The first thing you [...]

Spyware Techie


Spyware Techie

SystemCleanerPRO Removal Guide

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 05:25 AM PST

Do you know what SystemCleanerPRO is? DESCRIPTION SystemCleanerPRO is part of a big scam which has been designed in order to convince you that you have malicious threats running on your machine....

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Antispyware Shield Pro Removal Guide

Posted: 28 Dec 2009 05:19 AM PST

Do you know what Antispyware Shield Pro is? DESCRIPTION Antispyware Shield Pro is a malicious rogue antispyware application which will only cause you many computer problems. Do not be fooled by any...

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Web Browsing within Access Form

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 06:42 PM PST

Browsing the World Wide Web is nothing new to us. But, how about organizing the Web Addresses of frequently visiting Websites in a Table and browse the Web from within an Access Form?

Form with Web Browser Control

Not only Internet Sites, you can browse the Intranet Website within your Local Area Network - Corporate LAN) too. All you have to do is to create an Access Form with a Microsoft Web Browser Control and a few lines of VBA Code.

For example, the following VBA Code will open the GMail Web Site http://www.gmail.com/ automatically when you open the Form with the Web Browser Control, as shown in the above image.:

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim strURL As String

strURL = "http://www.gmail.com/"
Me.WebBrowser0.Navigate strURL
End Sub

Don't know how to do it? Try the following:

  1. Open a new Form in Design View.

  2. Click somewhere on the Detail Section of the Form to select that area.

  3. Select ActiveX Control... from Insert Menu.

  4. Look for the name Microsoft Web Browser in the displayed list of ActiveX Controls and select it.

  5. Click OK to insert a Web Browser Control on the Form.

  6. While the Control is still in selected state drag the right-bottom-corner sizing control to make it big enough on the Form so that you can view the Web Pages properly.

  7. Display the Property Sheet of the Browser Control (View - ->Properties).

  8. Change the Name Property Value to WebBrowserO to match with the name used in the above VBA Code.

  9. Select Code from View Menu to display the VBA Code Module of the Form.

  10. Copy and Paste the above Code into the Module.

  11. Save and Close the Form with the name myWebBrowser.

  12. Connect your PC to the Internet.

  13. Open myWebBrowser Form in normal View.

  14. Wait for few seconds to load the Web Page into the Control and to display.

We have used the Website Address directly in the Code. But, if you create a Table with the list of all the Website addresses that you visit very often then with a Combo Box on the Form we can select the Web address to go to that site quickly. We need to make few changes in the above Code to make it flexible.

  1. Create a Table with a single field with the following details:

  2. Table Name: WebSites

    Field Name : WebAddress Data Type : Text Field Size: 255

  3. Save the Table Structure and open it in Datasheet View.

  4. Add few records with Web URLs that you visits frequently, save and close the Table.

  5. Make a Copy of the Form myWebBrowser and name the copy as myWebBrowser2.

  6. Open myWebBrowser2 in Design View.

  7. Display the Form Header Section (View - -> Form Header/Footer), if it is not already Visible.

  8. Expand the Form Header Section with enough height to create a Combo Box Control.

  9. Create a Combo Box using the WebSites Table.

  10. While the Combo Box is still in selected state display the Property Sheet (View - -> Properties).

  11. Change the following Property Values of the Combo Box:

  12. Name : cboWeb
    Width : 5"
    Default Value : "http://www.gmail.com/" or any other Website Address Value you prefer.

  13. Select the child label attached to the Combo box and change the Caption Property Value to Web Address:

  14. Display the Code Module of the Form (View - -> Code).

  15. Copy and Paste the following Code into the Module replacing the existing lines.

    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit

    Dim WebObj As WebBrowser
    Dim varURL As Variant

    Private Sub cboWeb_Click()
    End Sub

    Private Sub cboWebLostFocus()
    End Sub

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    Set WebObj = Me.WebBrowser0.Object

    End Sub

    Private Function GotoSite()
    varURL = Me!cboWeb
    If Len(Nz(varURL, "")) = 0 Then
    Exit Function
    End If

    WebObj.Navigate varURL

    End Function

  17. Save the Form and open it in Normal View.

  18. The Website address that you have inserted into the Default Value Property of the Combo Box will open up in the Browser Control.

  19. Select one of the other Website addresses you have added to the Table from the Combo Box.

  20. The Browser Window will open the new Website.

If we open other Web Pages by clicking on the Links from the displayed pages then we can navigate (go Back or Forward) between pages by adding few more lines of Code.

But, first let us have a look at the above Code to see what is happening there. We have declared a Web Browser Object Variable and a Variant Variable at the Global declaration area of the Module.

Created a separate Function GotoSite() to respond to different Events (Actions) on the Form without duplicating the Code everywhere.

For example: when we open the Form the GotoSite() Function opens the Default Value URL, we set in the Combo Box Property, through the Form_Load() Event Procedure.

When you select a URL from the Combo Box the cboWeb_Click() Event Procedure calls this Function to open the selected Web Page.

If you type a URL in the Web Address Control cboWeb and moves the Cursor out of the control the Lost_Focus() Event Procedure runs the Function to open the URL you typed on the Address Control.

We will create few Command Buttons on the Header of the Form, as shown to the right of the Combo box Control on the above design and write Subroutines with some simple Browser Object Commands to navigate between Web Pages, which we may open from the displayed Web Pages.

  1. Open myWebBrowser2 Form in Design View.

  2. Display the Toolbox (if it is not visible then select Toolbox from View Menu.

  3. Create five Command Buttons to the right of the Combo Box.

  4. Display the Property Sheet of the first Command Button and change the Name Property and Caption Property Values to Home.

  5. Similarly, change the Name and Caption Property Values of the other Command Buttons with the values given below.

    • Back

    • Forward

    • Refresh

    • Stop

  6. Display the Code Module of the Form (View - ->Code), copy and paste the following Code into the VBA Module, below the existing Code lines.

Private Sub Home_Click()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub Back_Click()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub Forward_Click()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub Refresh_Click()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

Private Sub Stop_Click()
On Error Resume Next
End Sub

The On Error Resume Next Statement prevents the Subroutines running into Error, when there are no Web Pages to Navigate to.

To test these Buttons you must click on few links on the displayed Web Page to open other Pages from the same Website and then use these Buttons to navigate between those opened pages.

The Home Button will open the Default Home page you set in the Internet Explorer's Tools - -> Internet Options… Home Page - -> Address Control, not the default Value you set in the Combo Box.

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Office Assistant and MsgBox Menus

How to hide ip: Webroot and AnchorFree Join Forces To Create A Brighter Version Of HotSpot Shield


How to hide ip: Webroot and AnchorFree Join Forces To Create A Brighter Version Of HotSpot Shield

Webroot and AnchorFree Join Forces To Create A Brighter Version Of HotSpot Shield

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 04:00 AM PST

Hotspot ShieldWhat do you get when you take hold of one of the top internet security providers in the world and combine them with one of the most popular and widely used Virtual Private Networks who specialize in keeping tight security of their customers' online profiles? Only something good can come out of such a cool combination, right? If you are wondering what exactly is being referred to here, well, this is about the collaboration of Webroot and AnchorFree who by the way, created Hot Spot Shield. These two giants have joined hands to create a spanking new, brighter version of HotSpot Shield, which will be free of advertisements.

There is no doubt that this will greatly influence the way that the 7.5 million users of HotSpot Shield throughout the world work online. Webroot's virus and spyware protection combined with Anchorfree's encryption technology will be available as an ad free version of Hot Spot Shield and this priceless feature will be available sometime in 2010, as per estimates.

This feature will, of course, not be free like it is now, and that is because there will be no ads to fund it, but the price has not been announced yet. It is supposed to be announced in the year 2010 as well. However, the good news is that current HotSpot customers can look forward to a free fifteen day trial of Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper or Webroot internet security essentials, in addition to a special discount on the purchase price. Interested? Well, all you have to do is log on to www.hotspotshield.com to avail the free trial as well as the discount.

If, for some reason, you prefer to use the old version of HotSpot with all the ads, it will still be available.

According to David Gorodyansky, the co founder and Chief Executive Officer of AnchorFree, HotSpot Shield has grown five times in the past year alone. This shows how increasingly popular it has become as more and more people realize the security, privacy as well as identity protection provided by it, especially in online financial transactions like banking and shopping. Customers trust HotSpot Shield, and for a good reason. The new version will provide even more enhanced security features.

According to Paul Lipman, senior Vice President and General Manager of Webroot's Customer business, secure internet connection becomes even more important with the coming holiday season, where travel plans will join banking and shopping as the major areas of internet usage. As more and more people connect to the World Wide Web to plan for their vacations, they need to do so under the solid protection of a secure connection. That is one of the major reasons for the partnership to start off with the coming holiday season.

According to a survey commissioned by Webroot's using Qualtrics online survey tools, travellers from the United States as well as the United Kingdom are increasingly using mobile devices like laptops, netbooks and smart phones to access the internet while they travel. Unfortunately, many of these connections are insecure and therefore potential security bombshells. These people are putting their identity and security online under constant threat. This has to be corrected, and Webroot plans to educate and arm such customers with the essential protective tools.

With a 7.5 million user base, it is obvious that a lot of people are already aware about, Webroot as well as HotSpot Shield. However, here are some more details on the same:

Webroot: Webroot is a company based in Boulder, Colorado. They basically provide high end and up to date security solutions to a wide base of customers which includes individual private customers, businesses of all sizes as well as private and other enterprises. Their customer base is spread throughout the world, but they can be contacted at their official website, www.webroot.com. United States residents can place calls on the following number: 800 772 9383.

HotSpot Shield: HotSpot Shield is a widely used, secure Virtual Private Network. It is free as it is supported by advertisements. It was created by AnchorFree, a private company based in California. HotSpot Shield boasts of a customer base of 7.5 million customers spread over 190 countries.

[Via Sys-Con Media]

Post from: How to hide ip

Webroot and AnchorFree Join Forces To Create A Brighter Version Of HotSpot Shield

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  2. 7.5 Million People Use Hotspot Shield Each Month
  3. Q&A: HotSpot Shield does not connect. I get the Daemon Error. What can I do?

Spyware Techie


Spyware Techie

Total PC Defender Removal Guide

Posted: 27 Dec 2009 06:46 AM PST

Do you know what Total PC Defender is? DESCRIPTION Total PC Defender is yet another addition to the group of rogue programs developed by the same designers of Safety Anti-spyware. Total PC Defender...

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Text Search Filter Web Style

Posted: 20 Dec 2009 09:27 AM PST

How to search for several pieces of information across all the fields and in all the records of a Table?

For example, when we search for something on the Web we give several piece of text separated with , or + symbol to match any of the given text anywhere within the Web Pages and display the matching links on the screen.

Search text example1 : ms-access, forms, reports, Queries


Search text example2 : ms-access+forms+reports+queries

In the same way we can create filter to display records from a table that matches several piece of Text/numbers/Phrases across in any field in any record.

Last week we have learned the usage of BuildCriteria() Function to filter data using only one field. BuildCriteria() Function can accept only one Field as its first Parameter. We will be using this Function here also. But, we will pull a trick for using this Function for all the fields in a Table.

So let us do this with a simple Query and a Tabular Form.

  1. Import Customers Table from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Offce\Office11\Samples\Northwind.mdb sample database.

  2. Create a Query using the Customers Table with all the fields and by adding a new Column with the name FilterField.

  3. Write the following expression in the new column to join all the Text and Numeric Field values together into a single Column:

  4. FilterField: [CUstomerID] &" " & [CompanyName] &" " & [ContactName] & ... etc. and join all the fields this way except HyperLinks, Objects and Yes/No Field Types. Save the Query with the name myQuery.

    This task you can automate with the following Program after creating a Query manually with at least one field from the Source Table and naming the Query as myQuery. You may modify the Program where the reference to myQuery name appears to implement your own preferred name, if needed.

    Public Function CombineData(ByVal tblName As String)
    'Author : a.p.r. pillai
    'Date : December 2009
    'Rights : All Rights Reserved by www.msaccesstips.com
    Dim strsql1 As String, db As Database, qrydef As QueryDef
    Dim fldName As String, k As Integer, j As Integer
    Dim tbldef As TableDef, strjoin As String

    On Error Resume Next

    strsql1 = "SELECT " & tblName & ".*, "
    Set db = CurrentDb
    Set qrydef = db.QueryDefs("myQuery")

    Set tbldef = db.TableDefs(tblName)
    k = tbldef.Fields.Count - 1

    strjoin = ""
    For j = 0 To k
    If tbldef.Fields(j).Type <> 1 And tbldef.Fields(j).Type <> 11 And tbldef.Fields(j).Type <> 12 Then
    If Len(strjoin) = 0 Then
    strjoin = "[" & tbldef.Fields(j).Name & "] "
    strjoin = strjoin & " & " & Chr$(34) & " " & Chr$(34) & " & [" & tbldef.Fields(j).Name & "] "
    End If
    End If

    strsql1 = strsql1 & "(" & strjoin & ") AS FilterField FROM " & tblName & ";"
    qrydef.SQL = strsql1

    Set tbldef = Nothing
    Set qrydef = Nothing
    Set db = Nothing

    End Function

    • Copy and paste the following VBA Code into a Standard Module and save it.

    • Display the VBA Debug Window (Ctrl+G).

    • Run the Program from the Debug Window by typing the following statement and pressing Enter Key:

    CombineData "Customers"

    This will modify the design of myQuery by joining all the fields, except HyperLink, Object, Yes/No and Memo Fields, from Customers Table, or any other Table that you use, and will create a new column with the name FilterField. If you need Memo Field contents too then you must add that Field manually in Query design. The CombineData() Program will not do this because HyperLinks, Object & Memo fields falls into the same field Type category and the validation check bypasses it.

    Sample Datasheet view image of the FilterField in myQuery is given below:

    Image of FilterField Contents

  5. Create a Tabular Form (continuous form) using myQuery as Record Source and save the Form with the name frmMyQuery.

  6. Open the form frmMyQuery in Design view.

  7. Select the FilterField Column and display its Property Sheet (View - ->Properties)

  8. Change the Visible Property Value to No.

  9. Make the FilterField column size very small on the Form (it is not visible on normal view) and resize other Columns to view their contents properly.

  10. Remove the columns like Region, Fax etc. or any other column that you feel not required for our Test Runs, so that all the required columns will fit on one Screen properly.

  11. Expand the Form Header Section and drag the column headings down so that we will get enough space to draw a Text Box and a Command Button beside it.

  12. Create a Text Box above the column headings.

  13. Display the Property Sheet of the Text Box (View - ->Properties).

  14. Change the following Property Values as given below:

    • Name = txtSearch

    • Width = 3"

  15. Change the Caption of the Child Label of the Text Box to Search Text (delimiter: , or +):

  16. Create a Command Button to the right of the Text Box and change the following Property Values:

    • Name = cmdGo

    • Caption = GO>

  17. Display the Code module of the Form (View - -> Code).

  18. Copy and Paste the following VBA Code into the Module.

  19. Private Sub cmdGo_Click()
    'Author : a.p.r. pillai
    'Date : December 2009
    'Rights : All Rights Reserved by www.msaccesstips.com
    Dim x_Filter, j As Integer
    Dim Y_Filter, Xchar As String, flag

    x_Filter = Nz(Me![txtSearch], "")

    If Len(x_Filter) = 0 Then
    Me.FilterOn = False
    Exit Sub
    End If
    'Code segment that tests and removes extra spaces'
    'between coma and next search text item.

    '--Extra space removal Segment start-
    Y_Filter = ""
    For j = 1 To Len(x_Filter)
    Xchar = Mid(x_Filter, j, 1)
    ' Test for presence of , or + and leading spaces
    If (Xchar = "," Or Xchar = "+") And Mid(x_Filter, j + 1, 1) = " " Then
    flag = True
    ElseIf Xchar <> " " And flag Then
    flag = False
    Y_Filter = Trim(Y_Filter)
    End If
    Y_Filter = Y_Filter & Xchar
    x_Filter = Y_Filter

    '--Extra space removal Segment End-

    Y_Filter = "*"
    For j = 1 To Len(x_Filter)
    Xchar = Mid(x_Filter, j, 1)
    'Validation check
    If Xchar = "(" Or Xchar = ")" Then
    MsgBox "Invalid Characters () in expression, aborted... "
    Exit Sub
    End If
    If Xchar = "," Or Xchar = "+" Then 'test for presence of ,+
    Xchar = "* OR *"
    End If
    Y_Filter = Y_Filter & Xchar

    Y_Filter = Y_Filter & "*"
    Me.FilterOn = False
    Y_Filter = BuildCriteria("FilterField", dbText, Y_Filter)
    Me.Filter = Y_Filter
    Me.FilterOn = True

    End Sub

  20. Save the Form and open it in Normal View.

  21. Type some Text/Numbers/Phrases separated with comas (,) or plus symbol (+), which can match in any part of any Field(s) or in different Record(s), in the Text Box.

  22. Example1: FRANK, Elizabeth Brown, Brazil

    Example2: FRANK+Elizabeth Brown+Brazil

    Example3: frank+ Elizabeth Brown, Brzail

    NB: Do not use brackets '()' in the search text. These will run into errors when used in the BuildCriteria() Function. Users may type extra spaces between the text separator character , or + symbol and the next search text item and these spaces will be removed by the program before going in for search and filter operations. Embedded spaces in phrases will be left alone in the search text.

  23. Click on the GO> Command Button to search for the given text in fields/records and filter those records on the Form.

  24. You may inspect the filtered records to ensure that one or more of the search text you have entered into the Text Control appears in all the filtered records. They can appear in any field or fields in any Record, but all the records filtered will have these text/number/phrases on them.

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