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John Carter is a 2012 American science fantasy film co-written and directed by Andrew Stanton; adapted from the first book in the fictional Barsoom series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs entitled, A Princess of Mars. The film chronicles the first interplanetary adventure of John Carter, portrayed by actor Taylor Kitsch. The motion picture marks the centennial of the character's first appearance. The film is the live-action debut for writer and director Stanton; his previous directorial work includes the Pixar animated films Finding Nemo (2003) and WALL-E (2008). Co-written by Mark Andrews and Michael Chabon, it was produced by Jim Morris, Colin Wilson, and Lindsey Collins. The film score was orchestrated by musician Michael Giacchino and released by Walt Disney Records on March 6, 2012. The ensemble cast also features actress Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton, Mark Strong, Ciarán Hinds, and Willem Dafoe.
Filming began in November 2009 with principal photography underway in January 2010, wrapping seven months later in July 2010. The film was a production of the motion picture studio Walt Disney Pictures. Theatrically, it was commercially distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, while the Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment division released the film in the home media market. John Carter explores extraterrestrial life, science fiction and civil war. Following its wide release in theaters, the film failed to garner any award nominations for its acting or production merits from accredited film organizations. With its initial foray into the home media marketplace; the widescreen DVD and Blu-ray editions of the film featuring deleted scenes, the filmmaking process, and director's commentary among other highlights was released in the United States on June 5, 2012.
Walt Disney Pictures released John Carter in the United States on March 9, 2012; the film was shown in regular 2D and in the Disney Digital 3D as well as IMAX 3D formats.[14][15][16] Upon release, John Carter received a mixed critical reception and performed poorly at the domestic box office, although it did show strength overseas, particularly in Russia where it set box office records.Disney attributed the $160 million swing from profit to loss in its Studio Entertainment division in the quarter ending March 2012 "primarily" to the performance of John Carter. Given its marketing and production costs, the film was largely considered a box office bomb. Paul Dergarabedian, president of Hollywood.com noted, "John Carter's bloated budget would have required it to generate worldwide tickets sales of more than US$600-million to break even, ... a height reached by only 63 films in the history of moviemaking."
Plot of John Carter (2012)
After the sudden death of John Carter (Taylor Kitsch), a former American Civil War Confederate Army captain, his nephew Edgar Rice Burroughs (Daryl Sabara) attends the funeral. As per Carter's instructions, the body is put in a tomb that can be unlocked only from the inside. His attorney hands over Carter's personal journal for Burroughs to read, in the hope of finding clues explaining Carter's cause of death.
The anecdote recounts back to the Arizona Territory, where Union Colonel Powell (Bryan Cranston) arrests Carter. Powell, knowing about Carter's military background, seeks his help in fighting the Apache. However, Carter escapes with the marshals in pursuit. In an ensuing chase, both Carter and Powell find themselves in a cave in which Carter had been searching for gold. A Thern appears in the cave at that moment; Carter kills him and, with the help of his medallion, is unknowingly transported to ancient Barsoom (Mars). Because of his different bone density and the planet's low gravity, Carter is able to jump high and perform feats of incredible strength. He is captured by the Green Martian Tharks and their Jeddak emperor Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe).
Elsewhere on Barsoom, the red Martian cities of Helium and Zodanga have been at war for a thousand years. Sab Than (Dominic West), Jeddak of Zodanga, armed with a special weapon obtained from the Thern leader Matai Shang (Mark Strong), proposes a cease-fire and an end to the war by marrying the Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins). The Princess escapes and is rescued by Carter. Carter, Dejah, and Tarkas' daughter Sola (Samantha Morton), embark on a quest to get to the end of a sacred river to find a way for Carter to get back home. They obtain information about the ninth ray, a means of utilizing infinite energy and also the key to understanding how the medallion works. But they are later attacked by Shang and his minions, the Green Men of Warhoon. After the attack, Carter is captured and taken back with Dejah while Sola is able to escape. The demoralized Dejah grudgingly agrees to marry Sab Than, then gives Carter his medallion and tells him to go back to Earth. Carter decides to stay and is captured by Shang, who explains to him the purpose of Therns and how they manipulate the civilizations of different planets. Carter is able to make an escape as he and Sola go back to the Tharks requesting their help. There they discover Tarkas has been overthrown by Tal Hajus (Thomas Haden Church). Tarkas, Carter, and Sola are put on trial in a colosseum battle with two enormous vicious creatures. After defeating them and killing Hajus, Carter becomes the leader of the Tharks.
The Thark army charges on Helium and defeats the Zodangan army by killing Sab Than. Carter becomes prince of Helium by marrying Dejah. On their first night, Carter decides to stay forever on Mars and throws away his medallion. Seizing this opportunity, Shang banishes him back to Earth. Carter then embarks in a long quest, looking for clues of the Therns' presence on Earth and hoping to find one of their medallions; after several years he appears to die suddenly and asks for unusual funeral arrangements—consistent with his having found a medallion, since his return to Mars would leave his Earth body in a coma-like state. He makes Burroughs his protector, giving him clues about how to open the tomb. The story reverts to the present, where Burroughs runs back to Carter's tomb and opens it only to find it empty. Shang, in the form of a butler, suddenly appears, having followed Burroughs as well. But as he prepares to kill Burroughs, Carter appears and kills Shang. He then tells Burroughs that he never found a medallion; instead, he devised a scheme to lure Shang out of hiding. Carter takes his medallion, whispers the code, and is then transported back to Barsoom.
Cast of John Carter (2012)
  • Supporting actress Lynn Collins who portrayed Dejah Thoris.
  •     Taylor Kitsch as John Carter, a former Confederate Army captain in the American Civil War who is reluctantly drawn into a war conflict on Barsoom (Mars).
  •     Lynn Collins as Dejah Thoris, a Princess of Helium and John Carter's love interest.
  •     Samantha Morton as Sola, Tars Tarkas' daughter.
  •     Willem Dafoe as Tars Tarkas, a Jeddak ("Emperor") of the Green Martian Tharks and John Carter's unlikely ally.
  •     Thomas Haden Church as Tal Hajus, a former Jeddak of the Green Martian Tharks and Tars Tarkas' rival.
  •     Mark Strong as Matai Shang, the leader of the Therns
  •     Ciarán Hinds as Tardos Mors, a patriarch of Helium.
  •     Dominic West as Sab Than, a Jeddak of Zodanga
  •     James Purefoy as Kantos Kan, an officer of Helium.
  •     Bryan Cranston as Colonel Powell     Polly Walker as Sarkoja, a Thark zealot.
  •     Daryl Sabara as Edgar Rice Burroughs     Nicholas Woodeson as Dalton, Carter's attorney
  •     Don Stark as Dix, storekeeper in Arizona
  •     Jon Favreau (cameo) as Thark bookie. Favreau was once attached to direct the film when it was still a Paramount production.
  •     Art Malik as Zodangan General
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