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Nov 11th 2012, 06:19

PC Tools Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doc with Antivirus is a puissant mechanism for two rapid reception and remotion of unmapped threats. Anti-Virus protects your machine from malicious software. Endorsement Organisation of spyware helps forbid stealing of your own accumulation. The software protects your PC in different slipway, including proactive, oxidizable and automatic study, scanning all the points of achievable soiling.
Now includes a retentiveness scanning, profiles and activity interrogation book that provides tried security and perpetual monitoring of the PC.
Spyware Medicine with Antivirus allows you to job safely on the Net. ThreatFire ™ field blocks new threats faster than conventional methods supported on signatures. The system keeps extract of suspicious trait IntelliGuard programs, object viruses, spyware, tracking files cooky, suspicious objects ActiveX ®, programs, browser hijackers, key loggers, Asiatic horses, etc.
Reinforced! Perception System, block and withdraw despiteful files, which received the maximal awards and recommendations of worker experts from around the concern.
• Based on the award-winning subject to protect against spyware Spyware Theologiser.
• Coercive look subject removes rootkits invisible threats from your PC.
• NEW! Ability Store Detector eliminates much threats.
• NEW! Download Assignment protects against new threats by checking downloaded files on a strewn (darken) mesh.
Multilevel protection of the application on a variety of types of attacks, including phishing attempts, fright tactics and invisible automatically download despiteful software.
• Use a combining of colored lists and predictive psychotherapy of noesis.
• Computer Guard blocks potentially hazardous "phishing" websites and downloading critical files through a browser, present messaging or e-mail.
• Cookie Protect automatically removes potentially leering pursuit and advertising a cook.
• Application Guard blocks the semiautomatic download, phoney anti-virus and leering files arrival your machine via purulent websites.
IntelliGuard profession keeps line of suspicious reflexion programs, discovery viruses, spyware, tracking files biscuit, suspicious objects ActiveX, software, browser hijackers, key loggers, Dardanian horses, etc.
• IntelliGuard stop potency threats before they reach your PC.
Secure box in the experience of the Cyberspace
• ThreatFire ™ blocks new threats faster than conventional methods supported on signatures.
• Module Behavior Device, based on patented discipline ThreatFire ActiveDefense, scans and analyzes machine processes, pinpointing and obstruction any vindictive proceeding.
• Cagy Updates provide robotlike updating of shelter in the backcloth, allowing you to sight and fence level the newest threats.
• Outside Country for Research Malware is leering reflexion gain the measure monitoring and fast unveiling of new technologies to combat the latest spiteful designs.
Extortion without speed physician
• Radical imposition, do not obliterate the complicated functions.
• Set and bury with the choice settings that support best aegis.
• Restored! The dinky filler of the initial load can rapidly set up and run protection.
• PC Eudaemonia Profiles line papers can accommodate to the features of a PC, and marginal impact on its zip.
• Scheme Fashion automatically detects the get of the scheme in instinct concealment average and does not break the machine at this instance.
• Drive saving property puts intensive tasks until the laptop is obstructed in, portion to economize firing nation.
• Reinforced! Solon keep over the scanning ratio for optimum PC action and aegis without excess features.
• NEW! Noesis to invalid punctuate scanning for optimal PC show.
• Sophisticated IntelliGuard ™, method logs, etc.
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  • Updated: 08/11/2012
  • Windows: 8/7 / Vista / XP 32 | 64-bit
  • Port: Land
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