How to hide ip: Types of Proxy Servers


How to hide ip: Types of Proxy Servers

Types of Proxy Servers

Posted: 25 Jul 2011 07:04 AM PDT

We all know what proxy servers are and for those who don't, these are special types of servers that act as intermediaries between your home computer and the rest of the Internet effectively protecting your IP privacy. There are several types of proxy servers available on the net and having some basic knowledge about them will help you determine what you want and how to get it done.

Transparent Proxies

These proxies do not provide any IP protection and are simply used to speed up your browsing experience. They cache websites allow you to quickly go back to a site you visited earlier. If you are looking to hide your IP to the outside world, stay clear of these proxies.

Anonymous Proxies

These types of proxies provide some reasonable anonymity for most users. However, they identify themselves publicly as proxies while hiding your original IP address. This means that while using anonymous proxy, it may be difficult to track to you but eventually, you could be tracked.

Distorting Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxies will provide an incorrect IP address that is displayed on the http headers. They will effectively hide your original IP address.

Elite Proxies

These are highly anonymous proxy servers that do no identify themselves publicly as proxies. They provide maximum privacy on the Internet since they both hide their own identification while at the same time conceal your original IP address.

Most public proxies are slow and not very safe. Very fast elite proxies come at a fee.

The most preferred way to connect to a fast proxy is to use IP hiding software which automatically configures your browser to use an elite proxy. Most of these software applications will hide your IP by changing your IP and your country providing anonymity.

Always check your IP before connecting to a proxy and after connecting to make sure that you are running behind a proxy. Many websites, including this website, offer tools to help you determine if you are anonymous or you are publicly visible.

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Types of Proxy Servers

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