How to hide ip: The End of Privacy and Anonymity for Danish Internet Users?


How to hide ip: The End of Privacy and Anonymity for Danish Internet Users?

The End of Privacy and Anonymity for Danish Internet Users?

Posted: 28 Jun 2011 02:53 AM PDT

Denmark - End of Privacy and AnonymityToday (especially if you live in Denmark) we bring you some disturbing news. As you may read in the article presented by Electronista, there are some strong suggestions for complete end to privacy and anonymity for Danish internet users. We see one more important fact that sticks out of this text, but we will let you to try to notice by yourself.

Danish police are reportedly pushing their government to bring tighter controls over Internet access, arguing that anonymous usage benefits terrorism. A group within Denmark’s Ministry of Justice has voiced a recommendation that parliament should draft legislation banning anonymous access to the web, particularly in places such as Internet cafes or libraries.  […] the group calls for requirements that will force ISPs and other companies to obtain identification before allowing individuals to use their services.

Please notice, what is the most important information that can be read between the lines. This group does not recall for stricter control of individual activities. This means that Danish ISP's not only know who you are (and that is obvious and understood) but it also means that their browsing logs are very accurate. Every single step you take (if not approved by Danish authorities) can be easily tracked back to you. Do you use p2p networks? Did you ever downloaded a movie from the internet that you have not paid for? Did you ever did anything in the internet (probability says YES – even if you do not realize it) that could be accounted as a BIG, UGLY CRIME and used against you? All those data is there. It can be used.

There is one more issue we think you should consider. It is not uncommon these days that hackers steal data from banks, and companies providing services over the internet. What would happen if data like that, from your ISP would be to get into wrong hands?

Maybe you visit sites that you would not ever want anyone to find out. If you use your own IP in order to connect to them there is at least one place that "knows" and holds these data – your ISP.

This is exactly why we think everyone should consider hiding their real IP before browsing the net. Better to be safe, than sorry.

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The End of Privacy and Anonymity for Danish Internet Users?

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