How to hide ip: Don’t Tweet, Don’t Post, Don’t Blog Under Your Own IP (Canadian Election)


How to hide ip: Don’t Tweet, Don’t Post, Don’t Blog Under Your Own IP (Canadian Election)

Don’t Tweet, Don’t Post, Don’t Blog Under Your Own IP (Canadian Election)

Posted: 26 Apr 2011 03:40 AM PDT

You probably do not know (unless you are a citizen of that cool place above USA ;-) ) that there are elections coming to Canada next month. Obviously this will be a very hot topic for conversations and discussions in all media. And when we say ALL media this is with the social ones like Facebook, Twitter and all others included. As all big news companies do know all about media laws it might not exactly be the case with individual people.

According to article at Mashable if you are Canadian and would happen to for example Tweet about elections, before the polls are closed you could end up with $25.000 fine.

“The following is from section 329 of the Canada Elections Act:

"No person shall transmit the result or purported result of the vote in an electoral district to the public in another electoral district before the close of all of the polling stations in that other electoral district."

Further, from the article you can find out that:

"The law was originally enacted in 1938 to prevent radio stations from prematurely transmitting elections results, thereby influencing voter behavior on the west coast by the east coast. The polls close up to four and a half hours later on the west coast because of time zones.”

This wasn't a law designed for Facebook, Twitter and social media, though. There are simply too many potential sources of information for this law to be enforced in a feasible way. Despite that fact, Elections Canada says that public messages on social networks could be construed as breaking the Canada Elections Act.

"As administrators we have to inform people and make sure they are aware of that provision," an Elections Canada spokesperson told the Vancouver Sun. "It's not like Elections Canada will be monitoring your Twitter stream. However, if there are complaints, the Elections Canada Commissioner will investigate."”

Then again how sure can you be that someone who does not like you or your political views (especially if you run political blog) or your adversaries will not use it against you?

Since it is so easy to be recognized and localized in the internet (if it is done under court order even easier) we strongly advise you to remember about it (if you are a Canadian, politically involved, on that day) and refrain from posting comments or other activity that could be used against you. If you feel that posting those comments is truly necessary do it under new web identity and before you do so make sure your real IP address is well hidden. On our site you will find many useful information about different methods of how to stay anonymous.

To all the rest of our readers from countries where governments are quite sensitive about their political opposition or opinions of their own citizens, we advise following:

  • always use a tool or a service that will hide your real IP.
  • make sure there are no links between your real life identity and virtual one.
  • if it is possible blog or comment about your country on web sites thats servers are not in your country.
  • if democracy in your country is not a popular word, make sure you do not access those sites with your real IP as your own ISP might be monitoring this sort of traffic flow.

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Don't Tweet, Don't Post, Don't Blog Under Your Own IP (Canadian Election)

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