How to hide ip: Hide IP & VPN Mega Christmas Giveaway Starts Tomorrow


How to hide ip: Hide IP & VPN Mega Christmas Giveaway Starts Tomorrow

Hide IP & VPN Mega Christmas Giveaway Starts Tomorrow

Posted: 30 Nov 2009 02:49 AM PST


As promised, the Hide IP & VPN Christmas Giveaway will start tomorrow, December 1st 2009! There has been a lot of hard work put into this and I am sure you’ll appreciate every giveaway that is part of this campaign.

There are two types of products that will be given away: hide ip tools and VPN services, solutions that  can be used to browse anonymously, unblock restricted websites (like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and generally to overcome censorship.

As mentioned earlier, each day a different tool will be reviewed and given away. Each giveaway lasts for just 24 hours and then a new one will start. Of-course, you are eligible to participate in all the giveaways and there are no restrictions on number of licenses or accounts you can win!

How to win a giveaway 

The rule is very simple: comment on the giveaway you are interested in. Make sure you do this in the first 24 hours after the giveaway is published.

Each day the giveaway starts at 12 pm GMT and closes at the same time on the next day. A countdown timer will be shown for each giveaway.

Winners will be chosen randomly (using List randomizer) from those who have commented on the giveaway post, every day after the giveaway expires.

The best way to keep track of all the giveaways is to follow us on Twitter or Subscribe to our RSS or to our newsletter (if you do you’ll get a copy of my “Protect Your Privacy Now!” ebook).

Giveaway Calendar

Below, you can see the giveaway calendar. Some more giveways can be added during December. Enjoy!

  1. 12vpn - December 1st
  2. AceVPN - December 2nd
  3. AlwaysVPN - December 3rd
  4. Anonine - December 4th
  5. AnonymityNetwork - December 5th
  6. Anonymity Gateway - December 6th
  7. Anonymous Browsing Toolbar - December 7th
  8. Cryptocloud - December 8th
  9. Easy-Hide-IP - December 9th
  10. Freedur - December 10th
  11. Hide-My-IP 2009 - December 11th
  12. Hide-Ip-Browser - December 12th
  13. HideIpVPN - December 13th
  14. HideMyAss - December 14th
  15. Invisible Browsing - December 15th
  16. IP Hider - December 16th
  17. IP Privacy - December 17th
  18. Overplay - December 18th
  19. SmartHide - December 19th
  20. SurfBouncer - December 20th
  21. SymVPN - December 21st
  22. TorrentFreedom - December 22nd

Mega Christmas Giveaway live in 1 day, 0 hours, 59 minutes !

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Hide IP & VPN Mega Christmas Giveaway Starts Tomorrow

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